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Ana Collins

Feeling tired, sluggish, aching all over, bloated and constipated was a daily occurrence for 20 years for Special Needs Assistant Ana Collins. It became normal for Ana to feel this way as she had done for so long. Even touching her stomach caused her pain.

“I suffered from severe constipation and wouldn’t go for a month at time. My mother couldn’t believe it was possible – believe me it was.”

Ana had a suspicion that it may be a certain food causing her discomfort. After reading about the food intolerance tests available from YorkTest in a magazine, she decided to take a test herself.

Ana’s results showed that she had 3 main trigger foods to avoid. Once she had her consultation with the Nutritional Therapist at YorkTest she began to eliminate the trigger foods from her diet. The resulting change to her pain and bloating soon followed.

“I always thought dairy, yeast and gluten were a problem and I was right. It was phenomenal I felt great after only 3 days, the benefit was wonderful!”

After suffering from constipation for 20 years and only being able to go to the toilet once a month Ana started making daily visits after only 3 days of implementing her new diet. Her constipation only returned when she lapsed on her new elimination diet.

“Once since my elimination diet I had some sandwiches which bunged me up immediately”

All of Ana’s digestive complaints have now gone and she is delighted that she decided to take the test. She is now full of energy and just wishes she had taken it sooner.

“It was phenomenal it totally changed my life!”


YorkTest advise that you consult with your healthcare provider first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.


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