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Donna Bourne

Suffering with incapacitating migraines for more than 17 years, Donna Bourne’s life was terrorized by frequent bouts of pain and sickness, impacting on her career and leaving her exhausted.

“They were extremely severe, frequently leaving me vomiting for 12 hours on end.  If I was abroad on business, I would have to carry a sick bag around with me.  It was debilitating.”

Desperate to get to the cause of the agonising headaches, Donna visited her doctor who diagnosed her with sinus infections caused by environmental allergens, such as pollen and dust. Wanting to confirm this, Donna got in touch with YorkTest:

“I had an allergy test first, but it came back negative.   I followed up with a food intolerance test which came back positive.”

After receiving the results of her full Food Intolerance Programme, Donna discovered she had been experiencing reactions to cow’s milk and yeast, two very common ingredients in her daily diet.

After receiving her consultation with one of YorkTest’s Nutritional Therapists, Donna began to remove her problem foods, substituting them with nutritious alternatives to help balance and optimise her diet. The benefits to her health soon followed:

“Once I had totally eliminated the relevant foods from my diet, I had no more headaches.  Even a partial removal of the foods removed the severe migraines, for the first time in seventeen years.”

Learning more about her diet, Donna became more conscious of the places her trigger foods can be found and started to gain greater understanding and control over her health.

“…with the help of the nutritionist consultation offered by YorkTest, I was able to totally remove the offending foods from my diet. It is hard to do this sometimes, given the surprising places some of the foods may hide, and particularly when eating out. But it is worth doing because even a small re-introduction of yeast and so forth can see the symptoms return.  I tend to cook everything from scratch now, and eating is now a pleasure.”

Looking to the future, Donna is delighted to have noticed positive changes to her health and wellbeing since discovering YorkTest.

“…I am really pleased with the service from YorkTest.  It is hard to get me to part with my money but they were very informative and I am glad they persuaded me…I have seen a significant improvement in my quality of life. “


YorkTest advise that you consult with your healthcare provider first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.

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