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Peter Stringer

Irish Rugby Union and Sale player Peter Stringer (37) was no stranger to the uncomfortable symptoms of IBS before discovering YorkTest. Over time, the consistent bloating and stomach pains became a routine way of life.

 “It was ongoing and I just accepted it as being normal…at times I would have bad stomach pains.”

After living with the discomfort for some time, a suggestion from a colleague at Bath Rugby Club lead him to try a food intolerance test. Keen to discover whether something in his diet could be causing the ill effects, Peter took the simple fingerprick blood test, posting it back to the laboratory for analysis.

When he received his results, he discovered he had been experiencing reactions to yeast and cows’ milk – both of which were large components of his daily diet. Quickly setting about removing his trigger foods and replacing them with nutritious alternatives, it didn’t take long for Peter to see a distinct improvement.

 “Once I eliminated cows’ milk and yeast from my diet I no longer had any stomach discomfort. I noticed a change pretty much straight away within the first week.”

The occasional reintroduction of yeast, for him, can cause a return of his digestive discomfort but armed with knowledge and awareness about the effects of his particular trigger foods, Peter feels more in control when it comes to his health and wellbeing.

 “For the most part my stomach feels great and it is only when I eat some sauces that I feel a slight discomfort but I believe for me that bread was the main culprit.”

Since taking the test Peter has continued to avoid his trigger foods, optimising his diet with healthy substitutes and is still feeling the benefits on and off the pitch.

 “I was very pleased with the test and the results it turned up, which enabled me to make the lifestyle and diet changes I needed in order to perform my job without any pain or discomfort.”

YorkTest advise that you consult with your healthcare provider first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.

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