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Terry Hart

Terry Hart, a Wealth Management Consultant had experienced a prolonged bout of bad digestive health in recent years. An operation to remove a large section of his stomach as a result of cancer and the medication he had taken following a severe heart attack had wreaked havoc on his digestive system – damaging part of his gut lining and leaving him sensitive to negative reactions from eating certain foods.

Realising the discomfort Terry was feeling, his sister recommended he try a Food Intolerance test but it took him a while to go ahead and take her advice:

”I stupidly should have taken the test 18 months ago but didn’t. It was a very easy process with very helpful guidance…”

After receiving the results of his test, Terry discovered his was experiencing reactions to yeast, gluten, cow’s milk and cashews, a combination which surprised him but left him feeling empowered to make changes to his diet.

The test has given me the knowledge to tie together some food mysteries over a significant time and given me the nudge to do something about it.

Starting the process of optimising his diet whilst remaining under the supervision of his medical team, Terry booked his consultation with one of YorkTest’s Nutritional Therapists. Soon after removing his trigger foods and making changes to his diet, he began to notice improvements in his bloating, pain and anxiety, with the added and welcome bonus of weight loss:

“I spoke to one of the Nutritional Therapists Angela; she was knowledgeable and very helpful. Her guidance was invaluable. My condition changed within 2 days of changing my diet. Now 8 weeks on I feel amazing, I’m exercising and I’ve lost 12 kg in 8 weeks which was an easy weight loss compared to before when I struggled to lose weight.”

Looking to the future, Terry is keen to continue with the changes to his diet, confident that his feelings of health and wellbeing have been improved as a result:

“I have had fantastic success and I will continue it as a lifestyle. I don’t want to go back to feeling that awful fullness or the other symptoms…”

“I am now free of the pain, bloating and anxiety that imprisoned me for 2 years. I am much more positive and my wife says I’m much less moody … though I hate to admit it … I have so much more clarity thought wise and I’m in such a good place in my head. I only wish I’d done this test 2 years ago.”


YorkTest advise that you consult with your healthcare provider first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.

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