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Milk Intolerance – Should I test my child?

Testing Toddlers – Dr Gill Hart offers advice to parents YorkTest’s Scientific Director, Dr Gill Hart, is a leading expert on food intolerance.  After the recent news from Nestle of its intention to develop a milk allergy skin patch test for infants, the question on worried parents’ lips may be: “Should I test my child?” […]

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What Is a Low FODMAP Diet?

The low FODMAP diet, researched now for a number of years, has been shown to be effective in relieving Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms such as bloating, wind, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrheoa and altered bowel habit. The diet originated in Australia and was developed by a team at Monash University in Melbourne. The low FODMAP […]

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The Problems of Self-Diagnosing Food Intolerance

It is estimated that as many as 45% of people suffer from food intolerance. A boom in the Free-From industry is evident when you look at the increasing variety of wheat, dairy and gluten-free products available on the supermarket shelves. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their diet, nutrition and food intolerances and the demand […]

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The Best Homemade Bread Recipes from the Experts

What better way is there to spend a day than making a hearty, wholesome loaf of bread in the warmth of your own kitchen? After all, not only is making your own bread a great way to make sure there are no hidden ingredients in your loaf, it’s therapeutic too. Repetitive actions like kneading are […]

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Low FODMAP Recipes in Under 25 Minutes

In a hurry but don’t want to end up with a funny tummy? Adjusting to a low FODMAP – a well-researched way of eating which can be successful in reducing symptoms of IBS – isn’t easy at first. However, once you’ve mastered the art of food no go’s (see you later gluten!) you’ll be rustling […]

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A Wheat Free 7 Day Meal Plan

Recently found out you have a wheat intolerance? You may think that this limits your meal options from now on, but think again. There are plenty of wheat-free options to feed you and the family, ranging from quick and easy options to a weekend blowout. Perhaps you’re simply stuck in a wheat-free recipe rut? Don’t […]

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Faye from Yorktest with Peanuts and bananas

Faye’s ‘on-the-go’ Free-From Favourites

When you discover your personal Food Fingerprint and learn which foods you could remove and replace to optimise your diet, it can seem difficult to find options to satisfy your ‘on-the-go’ cravings. When we’re busy, it’s easy to reach for pre-packaged options but, when you discover your trigger foods, this can feel like a minefield. […]

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Could You Have an Almond Intolerance?

Whether chopped, crushed, sliced or slivered, raw, roasted, milked or toasted, almonds are a wonder food. A practical Swiss army knife of an ingredient, almonds are filling, versatile and also a great food intolerance friendly substitute (gluten free almond cake, anyone?) As well as this, as almonds are high in fibre, unsaturated fats, protein, calcium, […]

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