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Faye’s ‘on-the-go’ Free-From Favourites

When you discover your personal Food Fingerprint and learn which foods you could remove and replace to optimise your diet, it can seem difficult to find options to satisfy your ‘on-the-go’ cravings.

When we’re busy, it’s easy to reach for pre-packaged options but, when you discover your trigger foods, this can feel like a minefield. Many grab and go choices contain the very ingredients you are trying to avoid. In addition, many products list alternative names on the packaging, making it difficult to know what you can have!

We asked our Customer Care Supervisor Faye, whose trigger foods include dairy, yeast and gluten, which go-to favourites she keeps on hand when she needs a boost…


Pumpkin Seeds

“I LOVE these little guys. I can munch on them all day but I do try to limit myself a little! Free from gluten, dairy and yeast, they’re tasty, portable and pack a good punch, nutrition wise. I find they help with my energy levels which is great when I’m rushing about and they satisfy my urge to nibble on something.”

Cashew Nuts

“I’m a fan of nuts in general but cashews are probably my favourite. They tick the boxes for a savoury snack but also contain good fats so I feel like I’m choosing a good option when I have a handful of these.”


“The original portable snack. You can’t go wrong with a banana really. Cheap, packed with nutrients and filling. I always keep one in my bag or on my desk for when the munchies hit. If I have a little more time, I like to add banana to corn cakes and top with a little cashew butter – perfect energy boosting snack!”

Salted Crisps

“Sometimes, nothing but a cheeky bag of crisps will do. I love original ready salted. They don’t contain gluten, yeast or dairy and are available everywhere. I also LOVE vegetable crisps – the kind with the parsnips and carrots in them. They have a tasty sweet and salty flavour and, like the plain ones, contain none of my trigger foods.”

Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes

“When I want a little sweet treat, I munch on dark chocolate rice cakes. They don’t contain any yeast, gluten or dairy and the crunchy texture makes them super satisfying – the only problem I find is stopping at one!”


Suspect something in your diet isn’t agreeing with you but not sure what it is? Discover your unique food fingerprint with the YorkTest Food&DrinkScan programme – our simple home-to-laboratory test, analysing your reactions to 158 foods and drink ingredients and providing you with personalised Nutritional advice to help you optimise your diet. 


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