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Success Stories

Ana Collins

Feeling tired, sluggish, aching all over, bloated and constipated was a daily occurrence for 20 years for Special Needs Assistant Ana Collins. It became normal for Ana to feel this way as she had done for so long. Even touching her stomach caused her pain. “I suffered from severe constipation and wouldn’t go for a […]


Deborah Prowse

Deborah Prowse, a bookkeeper, had been noticing a steady progression of IBS symptoms over a number of years, with bloating and cramps regularly affecting her day to day life. In addition to the discomfort she was experiencing, Deborah was also noticing a steady weight gain despite her efforts to keep her diet under control. Having […]


Peter Stringer

Irish Rugby Union and Sale player Peter Stringer (37) was no stranger to the uncomfortable symptoms of IBS before discovering YorkTest. Over time, the consistent bloating and stomach pains became a routine way of life.  “It was ongoing and I just accepted it as being normal…at times I would have bad stomach pains.” After living […]


Sandra Freeman

Sandra Freeman, 56 had been suffering with a variety of conditions which were negatively impacting her day to day life. These conditions included bloating and stomach cramps, migraines, itchy skin and frequent sinus infections. This left Sandra feeling drained and deflated.  “I was constantly tired and had lost my passion for life. Work and social […]


Terry Hart

Terry Hart, a Wealth Management Consultant had experienced a prolonged bout of bad digestive health in recent years.


Katie Caunt

Before deciding to take a deeper look her diet with a Food Intolerance test, Katie (26) had been suffering with severe digestive discomfort, the symptoms of which had been effecting her since her late teens. “My symptoms were completely erratic and unpredictable. Sometimes it was indigestion or dyspepsia, where I would get an acidic burning […]

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