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Deborah Prowse

Deborah Prowse, a bookkeeper, had been noticing a steady progression of IBS symptoms over a number of years, with bloating and cramps regularly affecting her day to day life.

In addition to the discomfort she was experiencing, Deborah was also noticing a steady weight gain despite her efforts to keep her diet under control.

Having seen these symptoms gradually getting worse over a long period of time, she had come to accept them as normal. It didn’t truly occur to her that she was not experiencing optimum health until she conducted some research.

“…I didn’t realise how bad things had got until I started getting better.”

Discovering that these problems might be caused by something in her diet, Deborah decided to try a YorkTest food intolerance programme to see if making some dietary changes could help her feel better.

Receiving the results of her test, Deborah learned that she has been reacting to egg white and yolk, milk, brazil nuts, wheat, gluten, grape, cod, haddock and yeast. Although she suspected some of the ingredients, others were a complete surprise.

“I knew dairy products didn’t agree and I thought yeast might not either, so I’d cut those out and things had improved but not enough. I knew there was something else – so I was surprised about the other foods.”

Faced with a daunting list of trigger foods, Deborah took up her 30 minute nutritional therapy consultation to understand more about her results and the changes she needed to make.

“…after a consultation with the Nutritional Therapist I realised I can still eat loads of different foods. She told me about different websites and books to help with recipes and meal ideas. As a consequence I am eating more healthily.”

After making the changes to her diet to eliminate her trigger foods, Deborah soon saw a benefit

“…the bloating and the IBS symptoms started to recede immediately. I’ve also lost a stone which I’m really pleased about…”

Since taking the test, Deborah has continued to see a benefit to her health which has had a positive impact in many aspects of her life.

“… it was worth every penny. I feel well again, I’ve got my bounce back and I am much more able to cope with stressful situations.”


YorkTest advise that you consult with your healthcare provider first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.

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