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Siobhan Doyle

Many people experience mild bouts of eczema from time to time but for Siobhan Doyle, the effects on her skin were so severe that her confidence was completely eroded. Suffering with extreme inflammation on her hands, arms and stomach since the birth of her children, Siobhan continued to battle with the condition for over 12 years, unable to get to the root cause and struggling to find a long term treatment to ease the pain.

“After I had my kids the eczema flared up intensely. It covered my body, and it wasn’t just dry, itchy patches – it was nasty bleeding and cracked skin…It drained me emotionally because I was constantly in so much pain. I couldn’t even sleep.”

Everyday activities became impossible and even caring for her children caused her considerable pain.

“When the kids were babies…I found it hard to do simple things like dressing and bathing the, making bottles and picking them up. Even bending my hands made them bleed.”

It wasn’t only the frustration she felt at her inability to complete simple activities without pain – Siobhan also felt her confidence slip away at the sight of the sore and unsightly skin.

“At one stage my hands and arms were so bad they looked like they’d been scalded so I’d hide them underneath long sleeve tops.”

Desperate to find a cure for her condition, Siobhan spend thousands of Euros and countless hours visiting doctors and pharmacies in search of relief without success.

“I spent a ridiculous amount of money going to consultants and doctors and on creams and medicines. I changed my fabric conditioner and even went down the route of acupuncture and herbalists, but nothing seemed to work.”

Increasingly frustrated by her condition and the endless rounds of prescriptions for ineffective creams and tablets Siobhan was at a loss until she discovered YorkTest and decided to try the simple finger prick test.

“I got the results back quickly with a list of foods I had to give up… within three of four days of not eating those foods I could see my skin healing. It was incredible.”

After suffering the debilitating condition for over a decade, Siobhan is delighted to be feeling the benefits of her new optimised diet and restored confidence, having eliminated her trigger foods.

“You would never know in a million years that my skin was once destroyed by eczema…it’s truly amazing. I can honestly say that my life has changed completely.”


YorkTest advise that you consult with your healthcare provider first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.

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